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Why Durcon ?

A World Of Advantages

Durcon's Epoxy Resin is the best all-round solution for your laboratory work surface requirements, offering a combination of safety and style. Our worktops are known for providing heavy load bearing capacity, vibration absorption and superior resistance to harsh chemicals, temperature extremes and liquid penetration.


Durcon Products are monolithic, it is composed of the same material throughout its entire thickness and therefore it will not delaminate .

Laminated Surface

Monolithic Surface

Moisture Resistance

Durcon products will not swell or spall .

Laminated Surface

Monolithic Surface

Reagent Resistance

Durcon products are highly resistant to the corrosive effects of most laboratory chemicals.


Durcon products contain no asbestos, will not ignite, are nonconductive and are certified "excellent" for ease of decontamination for use in radioactive areas.



Heat Resistance

Durcon products are able to withstand extreme temperatures normally encountered in laboratory work.

Heat Blister

Not Compromised


  • ASTM… tests have shown that Durcon epoxy resin work surfaces are self extinguishing which adds to the safety of the lab environment when accidents occur.


  • In emerging fields like nanotechnology it is critical that worktops be dense and not transmit vibration.
  • Durcon products are heavy densely composed materials that dampen vibrations more effectively than most other countertops.


  • Durcon products are the most cost effective work surface systems available
  • With good housekeeping practices and proper maintenance, epoxy resin work surfaces should remain functional for the useful life of the lab.


Durcon products have a smooth, low glare surface that is easy to clean and maintain.