Our Vision

Superior Quality, Exceptional Customer Service

Industry professionals know that the consistently superior quality of DURCON products is a standard against which other materials are measured. What puts THE DURCON COMPANY even further ahead is customer service.

Fast turnaround is a hallmark of the company, resulting from finely-tuned production systems combined with longstanding manufacturing and engineering expertise. These capabilities also enable THE DURCON COMPANY to meet or exceed customer specifications and tolerances precisely and consistently. In addition, each order is continually monitored via our computerized tracking system, allowing a customer to know the status of their order at any time.

Unmatched Durability

Molded from epoxy resin, DURCON products are monolithic in nature. There are no laminates to bubble and crack, and no porosity to allow liquid penetration. DURCON epoxy resin is inert; its molecular structure is highly resistant to reaction with acids or other laboratory chemicals. DURCON surfaces are also highly heat resistant, preventing cracking and blistering; other products may show these problems under extreme temperature conditions. The strong polymer bonding within DURCON epoxy resin gives it a hardness comparable to stone, but without stone's inherent inconsistency and porosity.

A Global Presence

Driven by a commitment to customer service, DURCON factories in North America along with associated facilities around the globe supply the worldwide marketplace with prompt, accurate shipments in which each piece has been made to precise customer specifications. State-of-the-art chemistry and strict quality control in the manufacturing process keep DURCON at the forefront of the industry. In its continuing role as the world leader, DURCON now has expanded its presence to seven continents!